Olympus EXERA III 190 Series Endoscopy System

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SKU: Exera III 190 System

Olympus Endoscopy System: EXERA III 190 series.  Certified pre-owned with an 18 month warranty.

  • Ultimate in image quality
  • Compatible with 190, 180, 160, 140, 130 and 100 series video endoscopy systems (legacy endoscopes require an optional MAJ-1430 pigtail)
  • Improved NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) and significantly brighter images
  • Has the ability to switch focus between ‘near’ and ‘normal’ with a push of a button

Olympus CV-190 Video Endoscopy System may include the following equipment:

CV-190 Video Processor, CLV-190 Xenon Light Source, colonoscopes such as: CF-H190L, CF-HQ190L, or PCF-H190DL.  Gastroscopes such as:  GIF-H190, GIF-HQ190, GIF-XP190N, GIF-1TH190.  Printers such as:  OEP-5, OEP-4 or UP-55MD video Printer.  Monitors such as:  Sony LMD-2735MD, Olympus OEV-261H, or Reshin MS-270P.

Accessories included are cases, valves, biopsy port covers, cleaning brush, biopsy forceps, keyboard and water bottle.

Photograph is for reference only as each system is customized with specific features and options to fit your budgetary needs.

  • Contact a sales person for more information and pricing.