Gastroenterology Resources Elsewhere

The following is a list of World Wide Web sites with information on or related to gastroenterology, liver diseases or nutrition. Our listing of these sites does not imply an endorsement by Advanced Endoscopy Solutions, Inc. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on any of these sites. Sites are listed in alphabetical order by title. Academic Gastroenterology Divisions, Centers and Units.

Organizations and Other Information Sources

Endoscopy and Gastroenternology Society Links

Country Society Website
Argentina Federación Argentina de Gastroenterología (FAGE)
Australia Gastroenterological Society ofAustralia
Belgium Vlaamse Verenigung van Gastroenterologie
Brazil Federacao Brasileira de Gastroenterología
Canada Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
Chile Sociedad Chilena de Gastroenterología
China Chinese Society of Gastroenterology (CSGE)
Croatia Croatian Society of Gastroenterology
Finland Finnish Society of Gastroenterology
France Société Nationale Francaise de Gastro-Entérologie
Germany German society for Gastroenterology
Greece Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology
Hong Kong Hongkong Society of Gastroenterology
Hungary Hungarian Society of Gastroenterology
Italy Società Italiana di Gastroenterologia
Japan Japanese Society of Gastroenterology
Korea Korean Gastroenterology Society
Luxembourg Societé Luxembourgeoise de Gastro-Entérologie
Mexico Ascociacion Mexicano Cirguia Endoscopia
Mexico Associacion Mexicana de Gastroenterologia
New Zealand New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology
Peru Sociedad de Gastroenterologia del Peru
Philippines Philippine Society of Gastroentrology
Poland Polish Society of Gastroenterology
Portugal Socieda Portuguesa de Gastroenterologia
Slovak Republic Slovak Society of Gastroenterology
South Africa South African Gastroenterological Society
Spain Sociedad Española de Patologia Digestiva
Switzerland Swiss Society Gastroenterology & Hepatology
The Netherlands Ned. Vereniging voor Gastroenterologie
Tunisia Tunisian Society of Gastroenterology
Turkey Turkish Society of Gastroenterology
United Kingdom British Society of Gastroenterology
United States The American Gastroenterological Association